Tailoring is an old gentleman’s trade that has prevailed over time, surviving the mass production era of clothing. In London, Savile Row is the emblematic street where tailors have dressed important figures like Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, to name a few. Traditional tailoring involves many hours of work and dedication in the making of a garment that will only fit one body. Nowadays, the tailoring market is changing rapidly with the incursion of ready-to-wear pieces, which are built from a standard pattern. More companies are choosing to cut costs and fasten the production by industrializing the process. Nevertheless, there are still traditional tailors that draft patterns, cut, stitch and sew by hand until the final fitting is done.In times where high consumption and rapidness prevail, a practice of such delicacy and devotion is admirable. Among the practitioners of traditional English tailoring is the tailor Davies and Son. The company was founded in 1803, and since then it has stood out for its old school tailoring style. Among Alexander McQueen and the historic Henry Poole & Co, number 38 of Savile Row is a close and warm space where the label ‘Made in England’ is proudly held.

© Juanita González Cardona